So you finally found us. And because I don’t believe in chance, that means there was a higher power that brought you here. And no, I don’t mean Google. So let’s save the chit chat and get you started with the basics.

374 people hired, 874 applicants currently interviewing.

Ok, you had me at the Google joke. I’m in. Now what?

First, you must decide how you want to help. Then Register. If you have a job to offer, that’s awesome; click on that tab. If you want to volunteer your skills or time, go there. If you have anything else you wish to donate, like water, good clothes, old cell phones with charger, please contact us on

Ok, I’m done. So how does it work?

Think of it like speed dating. Yes, just like in the movies. You have a job to offer so we give you a chair and table. Just stay there. There’s a sign that lists what job/jobs you’re offering (family driver, truck driver, carpenter, whatever) The applicants walk up to your booth, look at what’s available, and if they feel qualified, they simply sit down apply. You give them a casual interview, if you like what you see, voila! You just made one family’s Christmas. Simple.

What about their paper work? Many must have lost that in the storm.

True. This is why we have enlisted the complete cooperation of the DOLE, SSS, NBI etc who will be at our registration tent to help rebuild the paperwork, so all you have to do is trust your gut feel.

How do we know that they are survivors?

Only God can tell you that for sure. But what we can tell you is that over 50 percent of our Oplan Hatid drivers are in constant touch with the families they drove for. They are personally calling them and inviting them down; some are even offering to pick them up and take them there. Plus we have a master list that we have encoded from Oplan Hatid, which we will use to send an automated text blast to all 20,000 people we drove for. So there’s every chance that we will pack this out with survivors. But in the end, this is about helping our brothers and sisters rebuild their lives, so while we will prioritize the survivors, we won’t penalize those who are just trying to survive.

See you there.